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Improving Your Dental Visit

Improving Your Dental Visit

The team at Fiser Family Dental is always working to improve dental visits for our patients. Many people are still wondering if it’s safe to go to the dentist. One of our more recent improvements is the use of Releaf, a hands-free dental suction tool that greatly reduces the amount of aerosols during a dental procedure. 

Many people think of hairspray or household cleaners when they hear “aerosol”. But the term is more broad than that. Aerosols are tiny particles of liquid (or solid) suspended in gas. When you cough, sneeze, or talk, you produce aerosols. 

Throughout the pandemic, it’s become increasingly important to help reduce aerosols as much as possible. The dental community, in general, is very germ-conscientious. In fact, recent studies have shown that dental offices have effectively created clean and sterilized areas for our patients to receive care. Going to the dentist has not increased the spread of Covid-19. 

Still, it’s important for us to find better tools to help improve our patients experience and prevent the spread of germs. We want everyone to feel comfortable and know that it’s safe to go to the dentist. 

What is Releaf?

The Releaf is an innovative new piece of dental tech. For a long time standard saliva ejectors were the best the dental industry had. But the suction wasn’t always consistent, it had to be continually adjusted or held, and patients had to deal with their cheeks getting sucked in uncomfortably–which can be pretty scary for young children. The Releaf provides a 280 degree, hands free suction area which means it’s easier and more effective for use. With Releaf, the patient can talk and communicate their needs and also close their mouth with the device to remove excess pooling. This tool makes any sudden need to cough or sneeze less worrisome than before. Overall, the suction ability of the Refleaf suction device is far superior to the previously used saliva ejector. Click on this link to see how Releaf beats out the competition (fast forward to 3:33 for the side-by-side).

We’re excited to be able to provide our patients with a better experience in our office and look forward to helping each one of them get the exceptional care they need. 

Receive Dental Credit 

In other news, new patients who schedule their first appointment for April or May 2021 will receive $150 credit applied to their future treatment plan. This is valid for 6 months after the appointment date. So you’ll need to make sure to follow up with your recommended treatment plan in order to apply the credit. This deal excludes botox/fillers/whitening procedures. Schedule your first appointment today!

Payment Options:

We accept Care Credit along with offering payment plans through Varidi. Varidi is an in-house plan that accepts 100% of applicants with zero impact on your credit. Call our office at (479) 452-8193 for more information on how to get Varidi. 

Don’t have Dental Insurance? We offer Dental Memberships which provide families or individuals with the option to receive necessary dental care at affordable rates.

See our plans here.